stick it to me [combo]

stick it to me [combo] - ovrsze

stick it to me [combo]

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just like our big tees, we make big stickers too. feel free to support an aussie streetwear brand by joining the family and purchasing a ridiculously oversized sticker combo.

our pvc stickers are made from synthetic resin (plastic) materials with excellent durability. compared to standard vinyl stickers, pvc stickers are much thicker, stronger and uv resistant, making them ideal for any use for up to several months.
  • includes 1x ovrsze logo sticker & 1x ovrsze website sticker

additional information:

  • logo sticker: 27.5cm (w) x 13.28cm (h)
  • website sticker: 22.5cm (w) x 2.71cm (h)
  • sticker style = high-quality custom cut pvc

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